Special Offer

At Clockwork Entertainment, we are here for you!

During this difficult and worrying time, we are here to provide you, and your parties, with positivity in order to lift your spirit.

We are pleased to offer a free video message to the first 15 people who share our page on their FB page. Don't worry, if you were not among the first 15 for this week, we will repeat it every week until our lives return to normal.

If you would like something a little more then why not book a live video message for only £5!

However if you are looking for something with a little more magic why not spend £20 and get....
-A live video message
-A personalised letter and certificate
-A gift hamper sent to your home

The gift hamper includes:

bubble, wand, activity book (this can be educational),

magical dust from your chosen princess and much more!

To book your date, please click on the button below

*Due to high volumes of video messages, we cannot guarantee availability on specific days. However, we know how important it is to do our best during these difficult times, and as such will do our best. We suggest that you book early in order to secure your date